23 – Theatre’s Role in Shaping Lives

     World Theatre Day was celebrated yesterday, and I thought of this quote by Marina Abramović from her memoir: 

“When I was young it was impossible for me to talk to people. Now I can stand in front of three thousand people without any notes, any preconception of what I’m going to say, even without visual material, and I can look at everyone in the audience and talk for two hours easily. What happened? Art happened.” 

     Maybe this quote does not refer to theatre, but I consider theatre to be art. This quote resonates with me a lot. I recall a 7 year old me playing Grizabella and performing her first solo in a medley of CATS. I recall the same 7 year old girl performing with her drama classmates “Family Portrait” by P!nk, probably the first song that ever resonated with me. I recall a 12 year old girl who became more sociable with her school friends after taking part in a Prize day production of Sister Act. I recall a 13 year old finding refuge in a play after losing a group of best friends and a 16 year old me got to take part in a 6th form theatre festival with a devised piece about immigration. 18 year old me fell on stage while kneeling in one patomime show and her shoe flew during another pantomime show, but I got to dress up as a ghoulie, a pirate and a sailor for 19 shows throughout Christmas Season. The same 18 year old then got to cut off tap dancing from her bucket list and got to do it in Students Fest. 19 year old me formed part of an all female ensemble in a play about the repercussions of cyber bullying. And throughout those years, many people and artists were encountered: some I even look up to up to this day! 
     Taking part in productions became more stressful for me,  and it’s partly the reason I refrained from taking part in them. But moments like these remind me of the role theatre (and arts) played in shaping who I am, because if not I would be probably shy, reserved, unapproachable – and definitely not myself! I am currently writing a dissertation on how arts can possibly play a role in offender rehabilitation, and I am using this post as a personal motivator and reminder that all arts, including theatre, are important and have the potential to change people’s lives – and I hope to show it in my research project! So to my fellow thespian friends, and those who pursued a career in theatre – I admire your artistry and your perseverance to achieve your dreams. Thank you for creating and making theatre exist! 

20 – 2017 [I made it]

I am writing this on a underground tube in London – or more likely, somewhere I definitely didn’t envision myself to be a year ago while standing next to a skate-park waiting for my friend to go to a house party for new year celebrations.

To say 2017 was the best year so far would be a lie. But I’m thankful for it nevertheless. I am thankful for the emotional pain it brought about as it challenged me to grow. I am thankful for getting through heartbreak and finally moving on to focusing on myself, even though I haven’t fully figured out how that works out. I am thankful for the opportunities that gave me the chance to express myself creatively, and for rediscovering old passions and exploring new ones. I am thankful for finally letting go of toxic people I found hard to lose a year ago, as it allowed me to let new and better people in. I am thankful for friends (old and new) and family who stuck by my side throughout and who still do. I am thankful for those who believed in me. I am thankful for the health myself and the people closest to me have. I am thankful for this blog for reaching 20 blog posts today when I thought it wouldn’t last, and for somehow touching and inspiring people despite the mishaps it faced. I am thankful for the places I’ve been to, the gigs and plays I’ve seen (and the first musical I witnessed just yesterday because it was magical) and the music I’ve got to listen. I am thankful to God for all of this, even though I have no idea what He has in store for what’s next to come.

I know 2018 is going to be a tough one and it will challenge me in ways I can’t begin to imagine. But I consider 18 to be my lucky number so who knows – maybe a tiny bit of luck will be on my side 🤞🤞

Here’s to health, to more growth, to more appreciation of life, to more faith, to less worrying and more action, to more art witnessing and creating, and to a lot of pain-aching making me want to swear kind of hard work which will hopefully reap into success by thousands. And obviously, to figuring out more ways of trying to adult my way through life 😉

Bring on 2018!

17 – one year

a year ago, something in my mind made me want to express myself about something i was going through. implicitly knowing – and ignoring – its possible repercussions, i took the plunge and shared my first blog post: a short story i wrote during summer.

throughout the year, i kept on writing. most of the posts where about situations i was going through or things which influenced me in one way or another. i knew that, if i wrote about such situations, it might annoy people and dissolve friendships. i also knew that it would help others. i wrote about them nevertheless.

a year on, this blog got mocked at and joked about by a small minority as a consequence of my missteps in my writing, making me doubt how i appear to others. however (and definitely) a larger majority praised my writing. there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people being moved by something you’ve written, or coincidentally bumping into someone you know who ends up telling you how relevant one of your blog posts was to them.

a year on, and even though i am not in the best emotional circumstances, i finally moved on from the “lost love” i wrote about 365 days ago. i can now focus more on myself and my problems, and i hope i’ll be able to share this with you from now on. i have no clue what’s going to happen a year from now, but i hope to be preparing myself to wear a graduation toga (that is if i stop procrastinating).

thank you to everyone who has been part of this. i especially thank my family and friends who still supported me and stuck by my side through it all. you know who you are 🙂

to more years of trying to adult my way through life – bring it on!

happy reading ^.^
Mer. xx