12 – To my Friends [a thank you note]

There are people in life who end up leaving you
And you don’t know when you’ll get to see them again
Sometimes, you don’t know if you’ll ever get to
But then there are others who check up on you,
even if you haven’t seen them in ages
and they are willing to sit down and listen
in spite of not understanding the way your mind works
and there are those willing get lost with you
in order to help you get back on track

Who are willing to step out of the periphery
so you don’t have to stand alone.

Remember, there are those who want to see you smile again.
And although you might be thankful for what the goners have left you,
the more you  should be thankful for those who remained
for they chose you above all the things you see wrong in yourself.

So, for those dear to me, near and far:
Know that there are people who broke me,
but your friendship is the glue keeping me together
no matter how many times I fall apart.
Thank you for choosing to stay.
Thank you for choosing me.



5 – A Special Gift [an old school essay]

If one finds the definitions of what a gift is in the Oxford Dictionary, the first one which strikes us refers to it as “a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present”. Although it may have other definitions in reality, I find this one really effective. The ability for one to give someone else something precious out of one’s own free will is already amazing in itself. However people tend to associate gifts nowadays with materialistic objects, which although may look grand and cost a lot, they can eventually depreciate through time. A special gift has nothing to do with money or magnitude – it has to do with what matters most: its value. I believe the life of a human being is a special gift!

It may sound odd to one’s ears, as life becomes hectic over the years and hard obstacles increase and become challenges we have to face every day. But coming to think of it, no one would know what would happen if life is non-existent in the first place. I suppose nothing would exist if life wasn’t a reality – nothing but giant rocks floating around in the spacious absence of gravity. It is not known when life began: scientists believe in the Big Bang theory; others believe that God has a plan for every creature which lives. The life of a human being is truly a special gift because it’s more than just one thing: in fact, it’s not even a thing!

It all starts from a man and a woman who fall in love, and create a beating heart out of nothing but love. Everything one does for-granted, whether if it’s moving his legs, seeing the sun rise, or breathing air: it is all thanks to his parents who wanted him to live on this earth. The beating heart is a small fragile baby, who over the years becomes a person with ambitions and goals like everyone else has. At first he begins to cry for all of his necessities, but as he grows day by day, with the help of his parents, the child starts to see objects more clearly and begins to identify them with words. He then starts to try and take his first few steps; he improves on them every single day, till he eventually starts taking steps in the direction he wants to for his well being.

Life does not only give humans the ability to breathe and grow physically. It gives new experiences to individuals everyday to become the person they want to be without letting anyone from interfering. Some experiences will be amazing; others might become a nightmare which may haunt one forever. Then, there are other experiences which may taste bitter, but later on they will serve as a purpose for growth in understanding how life works. Life is not about gaining experiences only – it’s also about giving happiness to someone else, be it through a simple smile, or a word of gratitude. It’s about surrounding oneself with people who make living life easier. It’s the smallest details like these which at the end make life worth living!

If I had to sum up what this special gift is, I would say that it is one full of surprises. It gives humans something to reflect on every night before bed time, yet contributes in creating memories which remain in one’s heart till the moment one passes away. An old friend of mine once told me that life is a roller coaster ride: it goes through highs and lows, but at the end it’s up to the passenger himself to close his eyes and scream all the way through – or to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!